IMAGIS offers several kinds of own navigation software designed for various types of GPS devices.

MapaMap Android (Android)

MapaMap software for devices with Android system is a perfect, "door to door" navigation with voice messages and complete, essential information needed in car navigation. Apart from navigating us turn by turn, MapaMap warns us in case we exceed speed limits and against speed cameras. Journey computer (journey stats) collects data and provides us with information about distance to the nearest turn, distance to our destination, estimated time of our arrival and time of the journey with covered kilometres. You can use MapaMap navigation during hiking or cycling - the producer took care of map database, which contains hiking trails, cycle ways and terrain data for whole Poland. Urban hiking becomes easy with rich database of 220 thousand POIs, among which we can find not only accommodation and restaurants, but also sights and any other places sought by a tourist, such as: museums, monuments, historic buildings, view points.

MapaMap Europe (Windows CE)

MapaMap Europe is the navigation software providing detailed map of Poland manufactured by IMAGIS SA combined with detailed maps of Europe, delivered by TomTom company. MapaMap Europe is designed for portable GPS devices working with Windows CE operating system. MapaMap Europe offers navigation through the 44 countries in Europe.

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MapaMap Travel PL (iPhone)

MapaMap Travel PL is GPS navigation software designed for the iPhone. MapaMap Travel PL offers turn by turn navigation and contains the same detailed maps of Poland which are well-known from MapaMap navigation systems. The application is offered in so-called LIFE TIME licence, which means the iPhone owner can use it for unlimited time.

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MapaMap TOP (Windows CE)

MapaMap TOP in Poland is a popular GPS navigation software, designed in the Finger Friendly technology, which is characterized by easy operation and detailed local maps. MapaMap TOP can be adapted to any GPS device running Windows CE operating systems.

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MapaMap Pocket PC (Windows MOBILE)

MapaMap Pocket PC is a GPS navigation software for Pocket PC and Smartphone running Microsoft Windows Mobile. MapaMap Pocket PC is a perfect door to door navigation with easy installation and detailed map of Poland.

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GPMapa (Windows CE)

GPMapa is a precise map of Poland, design for GARMIN GPS devices, since 2002. From beginning of 2011 GPmapa has been adapted to SmartGPS devices and currently is only offered with the hardware of this manufacturer.

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